Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trimet Fares. People Are Outraged By The Proposal

Now that the media has unveiled a problem that Trimet is proposing a 5-cent increase in fares by September 1, 2011, there is entirely bigger conversation when it comes to people voicing their opinions. After looking at many news organizations such as KATU News, Trimet, OPB, and Fox 12 News. I would say that KATU News has the biggest impact of all the news organizations.

The article by KATU News is simply about how disabled people are not very happy with the proposal that may take away the term LIFT by Trimet. According to Margy Lynch of KATU News said, "Trimet is also talking about dropping its monthly pass for its federally mandated LIFT service that helps disabled and elderly riders get around." This is a growing problem and many bloggers that have written about this article say it is not fair because disabled people usually need to go more than one place to get around. Now that if the proposal goes through by September 1, 2011, disabled riders will be paying an extra 40 cents per ride. Most of these people are on a fixed income and this will be a major burden to them.

In an article by said, "The increase helps offset the additional cost of providing service and rising diesel prices, as well as helps provide some service restoration to respond to overcrowding." In many people’s opinions I have found that they will pay the extra 5-cents per ride, but are still going to see the overcrowding of busses. There are going to be more people riding busses and trains due to the gas prices rising. Some people wrote that if you think a 5-cent increase is bad think of food prices, which are going up as well. There is a growing problem and to get a better sense of what people are writing about this growing problem is staggering. Trimet is planning to have a board meeting on May 25, 2011 to discuss these issues. Anyone is welcome to come to this meeting.


  1. You give a couple of good observations about the relative performance of mainstream media on this story, but don’t really roll over into a good assessment of the basic quality of coverage. Has KATU, or any other local news organization, given us the information required to judge whether the fare increase is justified, or how it compares to the trend in the cost of transportation in general? Have you also assessed independent or citizen media producers to see if they are adding any value to the conversation?

  2. The concern I have with increased fairs is when the line is drawn. Public transportation is supposed to be an economical solution to driving yourself but continuously increasing the price almost exploits those who regularly ride the max. First a 5 cent increase then a 10 cent increase in two years.. It seems like a sustainable and profitable business model to me..