Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Three main news stories for Portland, Oregon. April 25, 2011

When people log on to the web cite, they can find stories from the most important to the least important stories. The most important topics differentiate from sports, school dropout rates and TriMet raising their ticket fare by September 1, 2011.

When someone opens up the page, they will see the most important topic at the top left corner of the web cite. People can always find a certain article that pertains to the Trail Blazers. The article explains how important game five was and how the Trail Blazers needed game five to win the series. Although, game 6 is back in Portland, it is evident that who ever wins game five has better chances at wining the whole series.

Secondly, when someone clicks down further on the web page, someone will find a topic that deals with school and why high school students are not graduating. According to Hammond (2011) said, “In a class that included nearly 50,000 students, just 33,000 got diplomas with in four years while 4,400 stuck around for a fifth year of high school and about 11,600 dropped out.” That is just an alarming figure that many students do not take education very seriously.

Lastly, by clicking further down on the web page, someone will find a topic that deals with TriMet. Although, TriMet is a least favorite topic compared to sports and schools, it needs some attention also because there are many people that ride transit to work, school and other places. This article mentions that TriMet plans raising fares to a 5-cent increase due to increasing gas prices.

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  1. The strength of your work is your choice of a method of assessment that strives to be objective, and which can be operationalized for repeated observations. But consider this: is the importance of the news the exclusive domain of the editorial staff at the Oregonian? Is it possible that importance should be linked to some larger measure that points to the public good and maybe even the promotion of democracy?