Sunday, May 8, 2011

Aliens Hives (Dark Horse Comic Books 1992) Series 4 of 4

Alien Hives is the series, created by both Jerry Prosser and Kelley Jones. Two very iconic creators came up with an idea that was copied from the box office and put into the hands of young children that can follow the series if they were watching it from the theatre. This series 4 of 4 was very interesting in an ideological way. The ideas that are set in this series are simple, not to get killed by Aliens and to get off the alien planet a live. 

This comic book follows a similar story line that gives one main goal. The goal is that aliens are trying to defend their planet and humans are just curious what is on the planet.  The humans find a green ant-like creature and find out it has a hypnotizing affect on people. There are the same characters in the comic book that relate to the main characters of the series of movies that were released by director James Cameron. The cyborg actor, female actor and the actor that is portrayed as the evil character trying to sabotage the ships and its crew, are the main people in the series. Creators use their own interpretations so they don't follow exactly from the movie, but put more of a colorful perspective for a children’s approach to read and look at the pictures.

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  1. I am sure that there is some interesting ideological propositions embedded in this comic book, but I’m seeing very little sign of them in your post. As I mentioned in class and in my responses to many of your colleagues, the notion of a true, legitimate humanity and marginalized outsiders is both common in comic books, and a useful starting point for an analysis such as this one.