Wednesday, May 18, 2011

National Student Advertising Competition

10 students from Portland State University come together each year and compete for awards such as people choice awards and trophies. This year the team got 4th place out of all the schools that competed. The theme that all the schools used was to promote J.C. Penny’s. The team came up with a slogan called "Moxie." The first part of the teams work is to come together and present a plan book. That consists of research, media and teamwork. The second part is a 20-minute presentation to be presented to 5 different J.C. Penny judges to determine which campaign has the best fit for them. This year the team came up with a challenge to target 20 to 35 year old women. The teams had 100 million dollars to complete their missions. 

The teams slogan at Portland State used  "Moxie Movers" which consisted of confidence, determination, know how and energy. The communication strategy they used was awareness, interest, engagement and action. The team also used a social media context to get their commitment out on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. They also used popular companies such as Starbucks, 24 Hour fitness and Transit. Also they used popular magazines such as "People," "Vanity Fair," and "Cosmopolitan" to target a certain age group to get young women attention. 

The Portland State team also used strategies for inside J.C. Penny as well. They came up with the idea of "Moxie Scan" which consisted of using your smart phone to take a picture of certain clothing and used it to pick out something that matches or that is something similar to what you have in your hands. Another strategy the team came up with is to take a picture of an item and use the "Moxie Scan" to chose certain scenery for your house. 

Over all the presentation was very good, but I would of liked to see what other schools did differently to persuade the judges that their campaign will be the perfect fit for J.C. Penn. It would be really fun to witness one of these competitions because everyone has their own interpretations what they like the best.


  1. Helpful summary of this meeting.

  2. The idea of a "moxie scan" sounds like it could be very beneficial to certain demographic of people. It's unfortunate that the ideas of other students from different schools weren't incorporated in this presentation. That would have been very interesting. The smart phone and innovative application concepts have completely shifted how people go about their everyday lives. To think that now day’s people use an app to dress themselves is both impressive and somewhat scary.

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