Monday, April 4, 2011

News/Fox News

The main thing I love about Fox News is that it has a wide range of stories to stem from. Stories that are arising in the Middle East would be a great example. Why we need news media is to understand more than looking at it if you were there. It tells a story of what really happens if you are not witnessing it for your self. There are many reporters that put their lives in danger reporting from various locations all over the world. I love watching Fox News because for one thing, it is the most watched news according to several journalists that broadcast it and I love that they put young good-looking reporters talking about certain important things all over the world. 

The main reason I watch Fox News is to get the best perspective of what is going on in the world. Stories such, as the earthquake that happened off the coast of Japan was a huge success for Fox News. Not only did it show the aftermath of what became after the earthquake and tsunami it also showed real life video from all angles. That was just so amazing to see because how many places either had video camera surveillance or just using his or her own phones. Even though the devastation from the earthquake and the tsunami were catastrophic, they were also away of Fox News reporting from all kinds of distributions. This is the first time that of a 9.0 earthquake has ever been recorded from all angles. It simply is amazing what Mother Nature can send our way. Watching the news really prepares us for what would happen if it did happened anywhere. We have to learn from watching horrific situations unfold and hopefully get a better understanding of what to do if it did happen in the United States.

In a story that was covered by the Fox News shows devastating footage from all angles called Fox News Reporting: The Disaster in Japan, Part 2. There has been amazing footage taken from both air and ground showing the impact of what a 9.0 earthquake could really do if it did happened. There has been from Fox News reporting that 11,900 people are dead and 16,000 people are still missing. The destruction of these two acts of God was unpredictable but now watching news coverage from Fox News is better way to interpret what really happened. 

Even though this was an act of God, we need to be very cautious how vital we are on Earth. We as people need to be prepared when the worse things will happened and hopefully watching news organizations such as Fox News will open people's eyes to see what really happens in the world of news.

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  1. You give a pretty good descriptive account of Fox News and of this particular story/clip, but your connection of the news to larger ideological issues is a little bit thinner. So this is a good starting point for a conversation about Fox, but a few further questions might help us get deeper into the topic. For example, my observations of the clip is that most of the video provided by Fox has been sourced by people or institutions outside of Fox. Does that matter to our assessment of the story or the network? What value is Fox adding? How does Fox distinguish its news product from its competition, such as CNN or MSNBC? Why is it that you prefer Fox compared to its various competitors?