Sunday, April 3, 2011


First and for most, I love the news because it can be seen all over the world. Especially into today's world with all the things that are going on. News can get people connected in other events that are going on in the world. In other countries such as China and other places the government controls the news. According to Silverbrat,. Ferry,. & Finan (2009), said, "In authoritarian countries such as China, Cuba, and North Korea, the function of the media is to promote the government's agenda. Under this system, the media is regarded as an instrument of the state" (p. 6). I agree in all these countries they are very communist so that is why the government controls the media. 

Other things that are going on in the world such as wars that are going on in Middle East would be only be seen if there was news media. I believe that networks such as CNN, Fox News and other organizations televise the news the best. If we did not have organizations like these than we probably would not have a clue what is going on in the world. Things such as war and terrorists are very popular among these news channels. In the older days United States did not have such news channels so they had to rely on certain newspapers such as The New York Times or Washington Post. People in those days can only rely on what they read, not what they can see accept images that were accepted.

In my opinion people are paying attention to what is going on the world because it comes back to the United States. We have had freedom for a very long time and people in other places such as Egypt, Iraq, and Libya want the same freedom as the United States. There is a dictator by the name of Omar Qadaffi that has been in charge of Libya for the last forty years. I had no clue who he was until I started watching the news. According to Worth (2011) said, "For the next two hours, Qadaffi lectured the men. He warned them not to encourage the kinds of protests that had overthrown one dictator in Tunisia and would soon topple another, Hosni Mubarak, in Egypt. Even a dictator so powerful in the world is relating to one of the most streaming networks such as Facebook. In Qadaffi own words said, "Take down your Facebook pages, your demands will be met." 

If someone is not paying attention to everything is unfolding over in the Middle East, people need to start opening their eyes. People in other countries have not had freedom in a very long time and societies are sick of it so they are doing something about it. In Egypt the President is gone thanks to following the news. It will happen all over the world to oust Presidents that are dictators. People need freedom and they will do anything to get it.

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