Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Adventures of Matt Amling

This is the story of Matt Amling. He is currently a student of the University of Portland State. He is in his last year at the university working on his Communication Degree and a minor in German. Although, he does live in Portland, he has adventured as far as the end of the world to Australia. He lived in Australia for about a year discovering different cultures that are presently there. He told me "After I am done with school, I am going to move to Germany." That is simply amazing to hear that he is very intrigued in different cultures and it truly shows that he loves to travel.

He currently works at United Postal Services at the Portland Airport location loading and unloading boxes. He tells me "I love working for UPS because it is great exercise and it keeps me in shape. Oh yeah, also it has great benefits too." He also said, "UPS is a very physical job, but it  is a job and it is hard to find a job considering how bad the economy is in. I would agree with him on the economy because of how many people are out of jobs right now.

Matt has many hobbies he loves to enjoy. He loves to go hiking to undisclosed location because it is more of adventure if there is less people that travel the trails. Also, he loves to go bouldering to different locations because it is a thrill and to live on the edge, that is what Matt loves to do. And, when he is done adventuring outside in the nature he calms down and reads a book or plays video games or goes bowling with his friends or girl friend.

This is Matt's story and he will continue to be as happy and cheerful as this picture of him up in the left hand corner of this page. Keep up the good work and it will pay off for you in the long run. A little german Matt said to me when I was done talking to him he said,  "Auf Wiedersehen." Which means good bye in German. Alright Matt, Good Bye.

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