Saturday, April 2, 2011

Face book pro and cons

The main thing I love about mass media is because it is streaming everywhere you go. Mass media sites such as Facebook can link you to talk to anyone in the world. But there are pros and cons linked to Facebook. Many of the good things is that you can look up your old high school friend or your ex from college. Also you can look up games or other sorts of advertisements associated with Facebook.

I believe Facebook has grown up to be one of greatest inventions to come up with a couple a Harvard students that had an idea and stole it from some other kids that had the same invention. Out of court the kids that first had the idea had a giant settlement out of court. But the kids that stole the idea came out the best. When people talk about My Space, it is barely even herd of any more. When you look at advertisments any businesses more than likely they will be using Facebook to begin their networks with customers or workers. But there are some dis advantages also linked with Facebook.

Some of the disadvantages can be linked to hackers that can steal vital information from your Facebook page. Most people that are on Facebook write down too much information in their profiles that can be a great advantage to a hacker out there in the world. Another unfavorable discussion to talk about would be your privacy and the use of Facebook. Many people that have social networks such as Facebook or MySapce probably don't realize that their profiles are looked at by numerous human resource departments determining if they have a potential candidate that has everything the employer is looking for but in some instances the potential employee will not get the job because of pictures posted on Facebook or MySpace.

According to Hu (2011) said, "A first grade teacher-grade teacher in Paterson, N.J., was suspended on Thursday after she posted on her Facebook page that she felt like a warden overseeing future criminals, district officials said" (p. 1). In my opinion I don't think it is very fair but that is what you can't do outside of class. In her own time away from school she said a couple words that got leaked out on the internet and the teacher from New Jersey lost her reputation.

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